Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography


Sotby Meadows

When to mow a meadow

Communications Officer, Rachel Shaw, looks back through time to find out why our flower-rich meadows and road verges are cut in the summer.

Sow Dale

Re-connecting with Sow Dale

Walking boots sit forlornly with no-where to go but a restriction on travel doesn’t stop exploration. As Communications Officer, Rachel Shaw, discovers with the help of an OS map and ‘Trustees for…


Space for skylarks

Lockdown is forcing us all to re-connect with the green spaces that are local to us. For Communications Officer, Rachel Shaw, that's not just her small garden but also the wide open space of…



A mass of white snowdrops are a much antipated sight in late winter and they have special adaptations to thrive in the cold conditions

first light at Gibraltar Point

A sunrise soundscape

On the 70th anniversary of it becoming a nature reserve, communications officer Rachel Shaw, was at Gibraltar Point watching the sunrise.

Starling murmuration at Whisby Nature Park

Spectacular swooping starlings

As dusk arrives, starlings gather in huge flocks above their communal roost sites. Although numbers of starlings in the UK have plummeted in recent years; these murmurations (the name of a flock…