Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography



Wild things to do in Lincolnshire

For the final blog of my 10 week placement I thought I would share some of the things I would recommend doing in Lincolnshire.

Volunteers at Gibraltar Point

Managing our reserves

During my placement I have been lucky to have visited some of the Trust’s reserves and find out what goes in to managing them as special sites for nature.

Colsterworth visit

A 'green line'

Having learned about the importance of green corridors for the movement of wildlife, I visited a site in Colsterworth to see some conservation in action.


Surveying Lincolnshire

I've been out with the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust's Wildlife Sites Officer, Jeremy Fraser, to survey and identify wildflowers and grasses in Lincolnshire.

Verge wildflowers

Wildlife superhighways

I look at how the Wildlife Trust's are using our transport infrastructure to link nature reserves and create a 'green corridor' for wildlife.