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From setting up a sponsored run to organising a special event like an afternoon tea party or bring and buy sale, you can help raise funds for Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust in all sorts of ways.

Projects to restore precious wetlands, protect threatened species such as natterjack toads, otters and water voles, restore wildflower meadows, and help people get involved with their local wildlife all year round. This wouldn’t be possible without generous supporters like you working hard to support your local Wildlife Trust!

Go wild, raise money, and help the wildlife you love.

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Set up your own fundraising page and raise money online for Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust on JustGiving


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Fundraising Pack

Download our fundraising pack and start raising money to support your local wildlife today!

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Ways to FUNdraise!

Not sure how to raise funds? Here's some ideas to get you started!

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We look after nearly 100 nature reserves, give wildlife a voice, and inspire people to take action for wildlife.

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Together we can save wildlife

Fundraising FAQs

All your questions about fundraising should be answered here. If not, you can get in touch any time by emailing or calling 01507 526667.

How do I send you the money I have raised?

There are several ways you can send us the funds you raise. Take a look at page three of our Fundraising Pack under 'Collecting donations' for more details, or if you've already raised your money, you can donate online here

How do I claim Gift Aid on the money I raise?

As a registered charity, Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust is allowed to claim back an extra 25p on every £1 donation to us in Gift Aid. For us to be able to claim Gift Aid you need to check that the donator or sponsor is a UK tax payer, record their home address, postcode and donation amount and make sure that they tick the correct box on your sponsorship form. To make things easier for you, we've created a sponsorship form you can download here.

How do I fundraise online?

There are a range of sites available for you to use in order to raise funds online. We recommend JustGiving, though you are welcome to use whichever platform you prefer.

Can I use your logo to promote my fundraiser?

We’re usually more than happy for you to use our logo on promotional material with our permission. Please get in touch if you would like to, and we can send you a high-resolution logo.

Can you help promote my event?

We are often able to share details of fundraising events on social media, and can offer some help with promotion, so please do let us know what you have planned! Remember to tag us @LincsWildlife in all your posts on social media.

How do I explain to people what the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust does?

The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust is your local wildlife conservation charity which cares for Lincolnshire's wildlife and wild places. We look after nearly 100 nature reserves across Lincolnshire, from the Humber to The Wash. Our nature reserves are central to our work to secure a better future for wildlife.

Our work includes protecting, restoring and creating wildlife habitats, giving wildlife a voice by responding to planning applications, and inspiring people to take action for their local wildlife.

To find out more, take a look at our about us page.

How do I donate in memoriam?

Collecting donations at a funeral or memorial is a powerful way to remember a loved one. You might choose to do this by asking for donations instead of flowers.

The Memory Giving website is an easy way to collect money online. Create a donation page for your loved one and add Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust as your chosen charity.

Donations can also be make via our website here. As you make your donation, please tell us the name of this special person and, if you'd like, about why you are donating.

How will the money I raise be used?

All the money you raise will go towards our vital work throughout Lincolnshire, enabling our conservation, preservation, and education work to continue. The funds you raise will be ‘unrestricted’ which means that you are not restricting what project your donations are spent on, so the money you raise can be put towards important projects that we really need it for.