Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography


Fly agaric

The arrival of autumn

Communications Officer, Jade Oliver, takes a walk around Snipe Dales nature reserve with her trusty canine companion to take in the autumn atmosphere.

Group of people watching turf stripping on the Lincolnshire coast

Data and diggers

After some time spent logging data in the office, Lorna visited the Lincolnshire coast and discovered that conservation can sometimes look brutal.

Green-veined white butterfly on dandelion

Yellow fluffy flowers!

Did you know there are 232 similar ‘microspecies’ of dandelions in Britain! Lorna shares some of her simple identification tips that she has picked up in her second week as Assistant Conservation…

Sotby Meadows

When to mow a meadow

Communications Officer, Rachel Shaw, looks back through time to find out why our flower-rich meadows and road verges are cut in the summer.