Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography

Cuckoo bee

Bumblebees in disguise

The cuckoo bird is famous for laying its eggs in other birds’ nests, but did you know, this behaviour also exists in the insect world. Comms Officer, Jade Oliver, finds out more.

Glow worm larvae

Action for insects

Conservation Officer, Mark Schofield, has been busy gathering the troops to protect one of Lincolnshire's most charismatic woodland species - the glow-worm.

Stay Wild


30 Days Wild might have come to a close, but I'll still be trying to #StayWild and cut down on plastic.

Wet wipe


With the government’s recent plans on ‘banning’ wet-wipes, it’s time to look for some alternatives...


The big shop

I’ve been playing supermarket sweep this week, and it’s safe to say not many items made it into my basket…