What we do

What we do

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Working for Lincolnshire's wildlife, wild places and people

The Trust has worked for over 70 years protecting wildlife and wild places, and educating, influencing and empowering people. We manage almost 100 of the best sites for wildlife in Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire and North-East Lincolnshire. Our work is helping to secure the future of many important habitats and species, which might otherwise be lost.

We see the future of wildlife conservation as a Living Landscape and a Living Sea - by identifying key areas to protect for wildlife, improving and joining them up across the county in partnership with other landowners we can create an inspiring, accessible landscape that will lead us closer to reaching our vision of a wildlife-rich county.

Everyone deserves to live in a wildlife-rich world, and everyone should have the opportunity to experience wildlife and wild places in their daily lives.
The Wildlife Trusts

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Caring for wild places


The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust manages almost 100 nature reserves and even more wild spaces. We restore, recreate and reconnect wildlife-rich spaces by working with local communities, land owners, local authorities and other organisations. By working together we can create inter-connected habitats, allowing wildlife to move more freely.

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Inspiring people


We're inspiring an interest in the natural world by providing opportunities for everyone to learn about and have access to wildlife and wild places.

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Wildlife conservation


Nature conservation traditionally focused on protecting singular sites, but wildlife needs to be able to move freely through the countryside. We have a vision of a Living Landscape, and we're working with landowners, communities and individuals to create 'corridors' for nature, helping to put wildlife back on the map.

We also play a part in the planning process. Our role is about promoting positive outcomes and giving nature a voice.

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Campaign for nature


We provide a voice for wildlife, and work hard to campaign for positive change for both wildlife and people. From the depths of the North Sea, to tiny pockets of untouched countryside, take a look at our current campaigns and see how you can help us stand up for wildlife.

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Love Lincs Plants

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Current projects


#LoveLincsPlants is a new project which aims to inspire a new generation of botanists, thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund. Using traditional methods of collecting and mounting plant specimens, it is hoped that as well as learning new skills, we will be able to preserve Lincolnshire's botanical heritage with a new collection of Lincolnshire plants.

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Meet the team

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

About us


Find out more about the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust - meet the team, take a look at our mission statement or discover the history and heritage of the Trust.

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The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust needs your help and support to continue and expand its work - please help us by becoming a member.


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