Wildlife in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire is home to a diverse range of species including emperor moths, nightingales, green-winged orchids, bitterns and buzzards. Find a species in the search bar above, or learn more about the UK's habitats and species below.

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Iconic Lincolnshire species

Lincolnshire through the seasons

Walking in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds with a buzzard soaring overhead. Enjoying the big skies of the fens whilst watching a barn owl hunt. Getting a sneak peak of a newly born grey seal along the Lincolnshire coast. Discover the best places to see seasonal wildlife in Lincolnshire throughout the year.

Find our best seasonal wildlife experiences here, or check out the highlights below. Seeing wildlife can’t be guaranteed but that’s part of the fun!


Top wildlife in Spring

At the start of Spring, wading birds begin to gather in their thousands. The largest and most impressive flocks can be seen on the highest tides of spring and autumn at Gibraltar Point. Meadows are filled with orchids and other wildflowers from early spring through to the mid-summer when they are cut for hay. They're great for butterfly spotting too. Carpets of bluebells in our woodland reserves will be a highlight of any springtime walk in countryside.

Where to see them

Gibraltar Point   Goslings Corner Wood   Rigsby Wood

Bloxholm Wood   Heath’s Meadows   Tunman Wood

Marbled white butterfly

Marbled white at Red Hill - Mark Schofield


Top wildlife in Summer

During the summer months, our reserves really come to life. Our grassland and meadow reserves provide the perfect habitats for insects and butterflies, and the soaring song of skylarks is common in spring and summer. Marsh Harriers can be seen hunting over the reedbeds of our wetland reserves, and if you're lucky you might even catch a colourful glimpse of a kingfisher on many of Lincolnshire's wetlands and waterways.

Where to see them

Red Hill   Porter’s Lodge Meadows   Snipe Dales

Gibraltar Point   Far Ings   Whisby Nature Park


Kingfisher - Malcolm Brown


Top wildlife in Autumn

As the leaves begin to turn their autumn colours bring an air of magic to woodlands, parks and heathlands. Many fungi can be spotted whilst crunching through the leaves on a crisp autumn day. Coastal areas prepare for the arrival of many over wintering birds such as redshankwigeon and pink-footed geese

Where to see them

Hoplands Wood   Langholme Wood   Far Ings

Legbourne Wood   Fairfield Pit   Snipe Dales

Fungi Linwood Warren

Fungi at Linwood Warren - Robert Enderby


Top wildlife in Winter

In the winter months, colourful ducks such as tealwigeon and shoveler arrive from northern Europe to wetland reserves. Possibly the most stunning spectacle is when grey seals come to give birth to their pups on the beaches of Donna Nook during November and December. Elsewhere on the coast, harbour porpoises may be spotted and beachcombing reveals the smaller marine creatures.

Where to see them

Far Ings   Gibraltar Point   Baston Fen

Donna Nook   Fairfield Pit   Willow Tree Fen

Black tailed godwit

Black-tailed godwit at Willow Tree Fen - Margaret Holland

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