Flying the flag

Flying the flag

My first morning at the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust was hands on, but not as I expected it to be!

To celebrate the 70th birthday of Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, the Comms team had decided that we needed to make 70 pendants displaying some of the species that are important to the Trust. These will be displayed at the various events that LWT attend.

Bunting flag

With a very dubious track record in arts and crafts I set about the task, on my first morning, with some trepidation. Before long I could be seen, tongue set in the corner of my mouth in the universal expression of concentration, trying to create something appropriate.

I chose the badger, the symbol of the Wildlife Trust, and set this on a background of a leaf from a small-leaved lime (Tilia cordata), a tree found in central England as well as across Europe. It used to be abundant in lowland forests but has become scarce.

Although it was not up to the standard of some of the quite-brilliant creations, I was still proud of my effort (although my wife did describe the badger as a zebra that had been on the receiving end of a snowball fight!).