Where to see butterflies

Summer Wildlife

Where to see butterflies

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Beautiful butterflies

Summer is one of the best times of year to see beautiful butterflies. On a hot summer’s day, find yourself a grassy hillside and watch as a cloud of butterflies tumble around you. Take a look at some of our best sites for butterflies, and find out what to look out for below.

Top sites for butterflies

What to look out for

Look for the caterpillar’s food plants and flowers where butterflies will be finding nectar. Bird’s-foot trefoil, horseshoe vetch, rock-rose and knapweeds are all favourites. On dull days, look out for butterflies resting on grass stems. 

From the elusive marbled white butterfly to the tiny, delicate small blue, keep your eyes peeled and if you're lucky, you might even spot the painted lady, a pretty summer migrant from the continent.

Marvelous moths

Flowers continue to release their scent in the evenings to attract moths, but did you know, some moths also fly in the day time - and some are just as attractive as butterflies! Here are some marvelous moths to look out for this summer.

Plant for pollinators


Set up a nectar cafe in your garden and invite a cloud of beautiful insects by providing a source of nectar. Take a look at our suggestions for plants and flowers through the seasons.

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