Lincolnshire ELMS Tests

ELMS testing

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Lincolnshire Environmental Land Management Scheme Tests

The Environmental Land Management (ELM) scheme is the cornerstone of the government’s new agricultural policy. Founded on the principle of ‘public money for public goods’, ELM will provide a powerful way of achieving the goals of the 25 Year Environment Plan and commitment to net zero emissions by 2050, while supporting our rural economy.

The scheme means farmers and other land managers will be paid for delivering the following public goods:

  • clean air
  • clean and plentiful water
  • thriving plants and wildlife
  • protection from environmental hazards
  • beauty, heritage and engagement with the environment
  • reduction of and adaptation to climate change

The Environmental Land Management scheme aims to give:

  • more choice and control for farmers
  • a greater focus on outcomes and the main practices and interventions that support them, rather than the bureaucracy and prescription that was required under EU schemes
  • a fairer, more supportive and effective approach to compliance

Tests and trials

Across the country Defra are working with environmental and agricultural stakeholders to help design and inform the way the scheme will work, together with a national pilot, before full roll-out of the scheme in 2024.

Part of that collaboration involves running a programme of tests and trials in partnership with farmer groups, representative bodies and non-governmental organisations. Tests and trials help us to understand how the new scheme could work across a range of regions and sectors.

Tests focus on building blocks of the scheme such as developing a land management plan with farmers and land managers, calculating a payment system and determining mechanisms for delivery.

Current tests

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust are running two ELMS Tests. One in the Humberhead Levels in the north and the other in South Lincolnshire. Find out more about each project below.

Humberhead Levels

Developing a landscape scale natural area approach to delivering ELMS looking at nature recovery networks and a local partnership delivery mechanism.

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Barrie Wilkinson

South Lincolnshire

Developing a landscape scale thematic approach to delivering ELMS looking at integrated water resource management and a strategic partnership delivery mechanism.

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