South Lincolnshire ELMS test

South Lincolnshire ELMS Test

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The Environmental Land Management Scheme tests

In South Lincolnshire, water needs to be seen as an asset that needs to be managed to achieve the best for people and wildlife. The ability to trade, adapt to changing circumstances and ensure that a water management scheme delivers in drought events is essential for the area’s future. 

This Test will explore the feasibility of using a partnership driven, market-based approach to investigate the appetite to deliver public goods across South Lincolnshire. The Test will target all land managers, including contract and tenant land managers, in the South Forty-Foot and River Glen area.

The soil here is predominantly Agricultural Grades 1 and 2 and crops include potatoes, brassicas, cereals, flowers and a small amount of livestock. The Test will endeavor to capture a cross section of the land management sectors present to explore if there are differences regarding their requirements from the future ELMS.

Land managers - we need you!

We'll be holding a number of events this year to help us to establish a list of potential public goods for payments whilst identifying any priorities, issues and potential solutions to their delivery. This will include an online Vision Workshop in April 2021, establishing a land manager working group to help develop a natural capital assessment and explore market opportunities.

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Test outcomes

  • Practical, transparent and stakeholder led method for developing a landscape-scale vision and identifying desired ecosystem services that deliver public goods with land managers.

  • A process for packaging permanent and temporary measures to deliver the landscape-scale vision that is land manager friendly and identifies differences by land manager type.

  • A market framework for public goods that illustrates how to identify practically relevant public goods in an area, how to value them and how to find buyers for the goods.

  • Potential pricing scales for ELMS.

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A partnership approach

The South Lincolnshire Water Partnership will be supporting delivery of the Test with a wide range of water management stakeholders. Working together, we'll focus on developing innovative strategies to improve the resilience of the water environment, while simultaneously enhancing the ‘Natural Capital’ that underpins much of the local food, public water resource and visitor economies.

The Partnership is delivering the ambition of Water Resources East (WRE) at a local level.


Affinity Water, Anglian Water, Black Sluice Internal Drainage Board, Environment Agency, Fenland Agricultural and Water Group, Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership, Inland Waterways Association, Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, Natural England, National Farmers’ Union, Lincolnshire County Council, Water Resource East, Welland & Deepings Internal Drainage Board.

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