New research reveals nature’s beauty increases happiness

Matthew Roberts

The Wildlife Trusts’ challenge for everyone to spend 30 Days Wild in June means people are likely to feel happier and want to care for the natural beauty around them.

Last June, 250,000 people took part in The Wildlife Trusts' annual nature challenge 30 Days Wild. The challenge encourages people to do something wild every day for the month.

Academics at the University of Derby have monitored the challenge since it began in 2015. They have discovered that people’s perception of beauty in the natural world is a key ingredient to unlocking the benefits of wellbeing and happiness experienced by participants in the challenge.

The latest set of results from the study of 30 Days Wild also confirms that the benefits of the challenge last well after the month has ended. There are indications that the beneficial impact of taking part could last an entire year.

Over the past three years we’ve repeatedly found that taking part in 30 Days Wild improves health, happiness, nature connection and conservation behaviours. Now we’ve discovered that engagement with the beauty of nature is part of that story.
Dr Miles Richardson
Director of Psychology, University of Derby
30 Days Wild

Matthew Roberts

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