Lincolnshire's virtual nature challenge

Lincolnshire's virtual nature challenge

Adam Cormack

The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust have launched an exciting weekly nature challenge: The Hedgehog Awards.

Leanne Smart, Education & Community Officer based at the Trust’s Far Ings National Nature Reserve said:

“We’ll suggest an outdoor activity every week and children can earn a virtual hedgehog sticker for taking part. Collect 8 stickers and we’ll send an electronic certificate. It’s a great way to keep kids engaged and learning about wildlife and it can be completed in your own garden or local green space.”

The challenge was launched last week with a ‘Hunt for Minibeasts’ theme. Families found habitats for mini creatures around their homes and gardens. A huge range of creatures were found from slugs and woodlice hiding under like logs, to bumblebees and ladybirds that like to be on flowers in the sunshine.

This week, the challenge is all about ‘Trees’ and looking for trees with flowers. Some trees have catkins and some trees have blossom, other trees have flowers which are very small. Families are being encouraged to look closely at the trees in their garden or near to home.

To take part in the challenge take photos or pictures of what you find or write about your discoveries. You might even feel like writing a poem! Share these on the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust’s ‘Wild-Time in Lincolnshire’ Facebook page to receive your sticker. 

Challenges will be launched every Tuesday on the Wild-Time in Lincolnshire Facebook page. We’ll also be sharing activity ideas and spotter guides for families to download and print at home.

Whilst the UK is in lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust has stopped running its popular Wildlife Watch groups. The Hedgehog Award is usually run through the Wildlife Watch groups with children receiving their award once they have taken part eight nature activities. Whilst that's not possible, the Trust is running the Hedgehog Awards as a virtual challenge to encourage families to discover wildlife close to home.