Land managers in the Humberhead Levels are invited to help shape the new Environmental Land Management Scheme

Land managers in the Humberhead Levels are invited to help shape the new Environmental Land Management Scheme

Lilianna Witkowska-Wawer

Land managers are being encouraged to find out how to take part by joining the online Vision Workshop on 21 April 2021

The new Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS) that will replace existing agri-environment programmes over the coming years, is being piloted from 2021 and rolled out in full from 2024. Currently underway across the country are ELMS Tests and Trials working with Land Managers to co-design the scheme.

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust and partners are running two ELMS Tests over the coming year and will focus on the Humberhead Levels in the north and South Lincolnshire. These Tests will explore specific elements for the delivery of the new scheme, working on a landscape-scale to identify and prioritise the ecosystem services that provide the public goods important to the areas. How these can be packaged to attract public funding and private investment. What mechanisms, information and advice are needed. The Test will be supported by the expertise of the Local Environmental Record Centres and the University of Lincoln.

From 2024, through the Environmental Land Management Scheme Land Managers will be paid for public goods they can provide individually and collaboratively on a landscape-scale. Through activities delivering for example, water availability and natural flood management measures, healthy soils and peat, recovering nature and connecting it through corridors and stepping stones, protecting and supporting our cultural heritage and the historic environment.

We would like to work with land managers from all parts of our area to identify what they consider to be the public goods on their land holdings, and start outlining these assets within Land Management Plans.
Tammy Smalley
Head of Conservation, Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

Both Tests will begin in April with an online introduction webinar, and a workshop session to start the discussions. Land Managers of all descriptions are invited to join in, and this includes if you are adjacent to towns and cities, horticultural grower to only arable, to nature recovery specialist to…. All are welcome.

The Humberhead Levels Vision Workshop is on Wednesday 21 April, 10am-noon.

Click here: to book your place on this Introductory Session.

The second part; an interactive session will be repeated at three different times over two days: 

  • Wednesday 21 April: discussion session option A: 15:00-17:00
  • Thursday 22 April: discussion session option B: 08:00-10:00 
  • Thursday 22 April: discussion session option C: 17:00-19:00

Tammy Smalley said:
“These Tests provide a strong opportunity to demonstrate how we can work across landscapes and county borders contributing to the shaping of ELMS and working collaboratively to achieve more together for people and wildlife.”

For further information please contact the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust's ELMS Team: