Award winning lamb producer to support vital Trust work

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust are delighted to be working with Lavinton Lamb, one of the UK’s top lamb producers, to help manage priceless wildlife habitats and generate income to support their ongoing nature conservation work.

The list of restaurants supplied by Lavinton’s Sophie Arlott reads like a “Who’s Who?” of the top eateries in the country. From Rules, London’s oldest restaurant, to the well-loved Jews House in the heart of Lincoln, to the three Michelin starred Waterside Inn in Bray. Her lamb has won numerous awards for its quality and flavour.

Sophie has been partnering with Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust for several years, grazing her sheep on several of the Trust’s nature reserves. Sensitive grazing is essential for the management and maintenance of wildlife rich grassland and the Trust has been delighted to work with Sophie to ensure that the grassland is kept in excellent condition.

And now the Trust, who also have their own flock of rare breed Hebridean sheep, have entered in to an arrangement to supply Sophie with lamb, further strengthening this unique partnership.

Sophie Arlott, owner of Lavinton Lamb said:

“I am delighted to have further cemented Lavinton’s relationship with Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust. Part of the secret to the award-winning flavour of our lamb is down to the quality of the grazing. The lack of artificial fertilisers and the wider range of grasses, herbs and wildflowers that they graze on, leads to a much tastier premium product.”

Dave Bromwich, Head of Nature Reserves, Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust said:

“Traditional grazing methods are an essential tool for our grasslands, allowing a high diversity of wildflowers and other species to grow. Sadly, Lincolnshire has lost 97% of its flower rich grassland since the 1930s, and by working with Sophie, we can ensure that these last surviving remnants that are in our care can thrive and be enjoyed by future generations”

We are so pleased that our lamb not only benefits from grazing the Trust’s reserves but also help the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust to maintain these precious habitats and benefit wildlife across the county.
Sophie Arlott
Lavinton Lamb

Lavinton Lamb supply meat direct to the customer via their website and products include lamb boxes with a range of cuts available, alongside other favourites such as lamb burgers and Moroccan lamb sausages.

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