Surfleet Lows

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Surfleet Lows

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

Surfleet Lows

John Redshaw

Old grassland which is subject to winter flooding and a small wet woodland.


Gosberton Road
Nearest postcode PE11 4AA

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TF 251 287
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Know before you go

3 hectares

Parking information

Parking available on opposite side of the road

Grazing animals


Walking trails

Access to the meadow is via climbing the main gate, please ring ahead before visiting 


Not suitable for wheelchair users or people with mobility issues


No dogs permitted
Assistance dogs only

When to visit

Opening times

Open at all times

Best time to visit

April to July

About the reserve

Surfleet Lows consists of old grassland that, historically, has been used for salt making. The old salt pans can still be seen in the landscape today. The reserve may have been saltmarsh in the middle ages and the level of salinity in parts of the meadow is still remarkably high, supporting salt and brackish marsh species.

The grassland is at a low point in the landscape and is subjected to winter and occasionally summer flooding. Due to the wet nature of the site it is summer grazed to maintain the grassland diversity, so access is restricted.

The wet woodland comprises of many willows and alders with good volumes of deadwood which blends into a small reed bed on the east edge of the wood. Due to water levels and grazing the reserve has restricted access. If you would like to visit the site please contact the regional warden for advice.

Nearest postcode PE11 4AA. Please note - postcodes are for the nearest registered address as we are unable to get postcodes for nature reserves.

Location information

Surfleet Lows location PDF

Please note: The stile and footbridge are due to be removed due to their condition. It is not intended to replace them as the wet woodland which they led into has developed very well and in order to allow the woodland to develop further it has been decided to make the area ‘no access’. The meadow can still be accessed by climbing over the main gate, but it is grazed in summer and flooded in winter so best to ring the Trust before visiting.



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Environmental designation

Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)