Arnold's Meadow

Arnold's Meadow
Water Vole

Terry Whittaker/2020VISION

Lesser spearwort

Richard Burkmar

Arnold's Meadow

A hay meadow and ponds, bounded by woodland and mature hedgerow.


Peck's Drove (Childers' South Drove)
Nearest postcode PE12 6BQ

OS Map Reference

TF 260 216
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Know before you go

3 hectares

Parking information

It it preferable to park well past the gate to the nursery opposite as large lorries need to get access

Walking trails

Entrance is over a footbridge and through a hand-gate from where paths to both hides are indicated


Grass track, not suitable for wheelchair users, may be passable in the summer when the ground is hard


No dogs permitted
Assistance dogs only


Bird hides

When to visit

Opening times

Open at all times

Best time to visit

April to July

About the reserve

Half of the area of this triangular-shaped reserve is taken up by a hay meadow, the centre of which is flooded in autumn and winter. The remaining half consists of three areas of water: a moat round an island and two shallow ponds overlooked by hides. The reserve is bounded by mature hedgerows and trees, with a small wooded area in the northern corner.

The variety of habitat attracts many birds. 73 species have been recorded including kingfisher, and 35 species have been known to breed including sparrowhawk and jay. 17 species of butterfly have also been recorded. There is a good population of water voles, toads, frogs and grass snakes. Plants are abundant on the reserve with 171 species recorded on the heavy clay. The wet area of the meadow has purple-loosestrife, brooklime, ragged-robin and butterbur.

Before 1968 the area was a bare field, and the reserve has therefore been entirely man-made. The meadow is managed as a traditional hay meadow by taking a late hay crop, while vegetation in the ponds is controlled in order to retain open water. The buildings are used by the Trust's local volunteer group that help manage reserves in south Lincolnshire.

Nearest postcode: PE12 6BQ. Please note - postcodes are for the nearest registered address as we are unable to get postcodes for nature reserves.

Location information

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