Messingham Sand Quarry

Messingham Sand Quarry

Robert Enderby

Messingham Sand Quarry

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

Common Green Grasshopper

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

Messingham Sand Quarry

A series of lagoons created by the extraction of sand.


East of the B1400 opposite Scallow Grove Farm
Nearest postcode DN17 3RD

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SE 908 032
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Know before you go

40 hectares

Parking information

Car park open 8am - 6pm

Grazing animals


Walking trails

Waymarked route available


There are no surfaced paths but a regularly mown circular route around the reserve; during winter woodland can become boggy under foot


No dogs permitted
Assistance dogs only


Bird hides

When to visit

Opening times

Open at all times

Best time to visit

April to August

About the reserve

The reserve has been created by the excavation of sand, which has left a series of lagoons. There is a small area of heath supporting heather, petty whin and other heathland flora. Woodland, grassland and marsh add varied habitats and support a vast array of flora including six orchid species.

The richness of wildlife reflects this diversity of habitat and includes more than 180 species of bird, 20 species of butterfly, over 250 species of moth, and over 100 species of bee and wasp.  

The reserve lies to the east of the B1400 Messingham-Kirton road. The entrance is opposite Scallow Grove Farm (look for electricity pylon). The B1400 is a fast road and care must be exercised when entering and leaving the reserve. A track leads from the entrance to a small car park where a waymarked circular route is indicated. Please note the car park gate is locked between 6pm - 8am.

Nearest postcode DN17 3RD. Please note - postcodes are for the nearest registered address as we are unable to get postcodes for nature reserves.

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Messingham Sand Quarry location and trail



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Environmental designation

Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)