Nature reserves list

Nature reserves list

Ben Hall/2020VISION

Below is a list of all the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust's nature reserves. Please click on a reserve for more information. 

Ancaster Valley 

Anderby Marsh

Arnold's Meadow

Banovallum House

Barrow Blow Wells

Barrow Haven Reedbed

Baston Fen

Bloxholm Wood

Boston Road Brick Pits

Bottleneck and Jackson's Meadows

Boultham Mere

Candlesby Hill Quarry

Chapel Pit

Clapgate Pits

Crowle Moor

Dawson City Clay Pits

Deeping Lakes

Digby Corner

Dole Wood

Donna Nook

Duke's Covert and Copper Hill

Epworth Turbary

Fairfield Pit

Far Ings

Fir Hill Quarry

Fiskerton Fen

Frampton Marsh

Friskney Decoy Wood

Furze Hill

Gibraltar Point

Goslings Corner Wood

Great Casterton Road Banks

Greetwell Hollow

Hatton Meadows

Haxey Turbary

Heath's Meadows

Hopland's Wood

Horbling Line

Huttoft Bank Pit

Keal Carr

Killingholme Haven Pits

Kingerby Beck Meadows

Kirkby Gravel Pits

Kirkby Moor

Langholme Wood

Lawn Wood, Bottleneck and Jackson's

Legbourne Wood

Linwood Warren

Messingham Sand Quarry

Mill Hill Quarry

Moor Closes

Moor Farm

Moulton Marsh

Muckton Wood

Pasture Wharf

Pickering's Meadow

Pinchbeck Fen Slipe

Porter’s Lodge Meadows

Rauceby Warren

Red Hill

Rigsby Wood

Robert's Field

Roughton Moor Wood

Rush Furlong

Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe Dunes

Sandilands Pit

Scotton Common

Sedge Hole Close

Silverines Meadow

Snipe Dales

Sotby Meadows

South Witham Verges

Sow Dale

Spendluffe Meadows

Stanton's Pit

Surfleet Lows

Tetney Blow Wells

The Shrubberies

Thurlby Fen Slipe

Toby's Hill

Toft Tunnel

Tortoiseshell Woods and Meadows

Tunman Wood

Watts Wood


Whisby Nature Park

Willoughby Branch Line

Willoughby Meadow

Willow Tree Fen

Wolla Bank Pit

Wolla Bank Reedbed

Woodhall Spa Airfield