Going plastic-free for 30 Days Wild

Going plastic-free for 30 Days Wild

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I've decided for this year's 30 Days Wild campaign to try going plastic free...for a month.

Have you ever wanted to try going plastic free?

Not sure where to start?

Me neither! So for this year’s 30 Days Wild campaign I thought it’d be a great opportunity to find out how easy it is (or isn’t!) to cut out single-use plastics for a month.

I’ll be trying different products, testing recipes and sharing tips and tricks from the experts. I’ll be starting with the important bit – food. Then I’ll be exploring bathroom products, food shopping, clothing and luxury items.

We know we should do it, but it often comes at a bigger cost to the consumer.

I know that going plastic free will make a big difference to my life-style – I’ll have to prepare more and change my shopping routine – but I don’t want it to change my spending habits. It’s like switching to organic food, we know we should do it, but we don’t always because it often comes at a bigger cost to the consumer.

So is it really possible to go plastic-free without going over budget?

Let’s find out.

If you want to join me, or if this is something you’re already trying out, get in touch! I’d love to hear how you’re getting on and if you have any tips to help me reduce my plastic waste. Share your stories with us on social media by tagging @LincsWildlife or use #30DaysWild!

To get us started, I’m going to try and use James Clear’s “3 R’s of Habit Change” –



Leave a tote bag on the door handle, pop a post-it on the fridge, set reminders on your phone.



Prepare beforehand, make packed lunches and meals that you can freeze, try to avoid having to pop to the shops on your lunch break.



This could be anything really, my reward is knowing I'm reducing my impact on the earth and that David Attenborough would be happy!

Colin Davey - GettyImages