Dog walkers - please help our wildlife this spring

Dog walkers - please help our wildlife this spring

We all love to get outdoors with our dogs, for the fantastic exercise and the chance to explore together. Here are our key facts and tips on dog walking to help Lincolnshire’s wildlife thrive this spring.

What's the problem with dogs and wildlife?

Many birds nest on or close to the ground – even in places like woodlands and meadows. An inquisitive dog can easily scare adult birds off nests. One dog may not cause a problem but this could happen many times and lead to birds abandoning their nests. Staying on the paths and keeping your dog on a lead will help prevent it.

We appreciate that many dogs are well behaved and walk close to their owners when off the lead. But by keeping your dog on a lead, you are setting an example to others whose dogs might not be so well controlled.

On most Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust nature reserves we ask you not to bring your dog at all. This is usually because the wildlife living there is under threat and has nowhere else to go, which even the best behaved dog could disturb and upset. Guide dogs and assistance dogs are the only exceptions. 

For safety, you should also always keep your dog on a lead around grazing animals, although it’s safer to let your dog off if you are chased by cows or horses.

If you’d like to know more about dog walking and wildlife, please visit the dog walking pages of our website.