Vine House Farm

Vine House Farm

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Support Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust by buying bird food from Vine House Farm

When you buy bird food from Vine House Farm, £10 is donated to your local Wildlife Trust for your first purchase, then 4% is donated for all future sales.

The Wildlife Trusts have been in partnership with conservation award-winning Vine House Farm since 2007. They farm in a way that encourages wildlife by offering a wide range of habitats while growing, packing and dispatching bird seed direct from their Lincolnshire farm, ensuring that their family-run business always operates in an environmentally-friendly way.

During their long term commitment to supporting The Wildlife Trusts’ work, in protecting and restoring areas for nature and inspiring people to experience wildlife first-hand, Vine House Farm has donated in excess of £1.3 million to The Wildlife Trusts, with over £25,600 going to Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.

To find out more about Vine House Farm and to buy food direct from their conservation award-winning farm in south Lincolnshire, visit the Vine House Farm website by clicking below.

Vine House Farm

Wildlife friendly farming

Fourth-generation farmer Nicholas Watts has been working the land at Vine House Farm in Deeping St Nicholas, Lincolnshire, since he was a boy. Over the last 20 years, thanks to wildlife-friendly measures put in place at the farm, barn owl and whitethroat numbers have quadrupled, and tree sparrow and lapwing numbers have increased ten-fold.

Nicholas Watts is a member of the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust council and chairman of the South Holland Area Group.

Feeding the birds

To find out everything you need to know about feeding birds, take a look at this fabulous video from Vine House Farm below, or go to our wildlife gardening page.

Wildlife gardening

How to Attract Birds to Your Garden Tutorial - Vine House Farm