New Book on Lincolnshire Published

Jon Fox

Lines Across Lincolnshire - Discovering Routes, Banks and Boundaries

Following on from his popular 2015 book The Lincolnshire Landscape: An Exploration, Lincoln-based author and photographer Jon Fox has published a second book on the county’s countryside entitled Lines Across Lincolnshire.

This remarkable new book investigates the natural and historical lines in the Lincolnshire countryside, focusing on features used or constructed as routes, banks or boundaries. It covers both geological features such as the Lincoln Edge, former coastlines and extinct Ice Age valleys, as well as man-made lines of every period of history, ranging from prehistoric trackways, Roman roads and Medieval banks, through to the canals, railways and wartime defences of more recent centuries.

Collectively these lines still define much of the character of our countryside today. By tracing their origins and how they have changed over time, the book presents a new and fascinating picture of the historical roots and evolution of the county’s varied rural landscape.

Very informative and well researched, beautifully produced with amazing photography. A fascinating book that I would recommend to anyone interested in the geological and historical landscape of Lincolnshire.
David Would
Lines Across Lincolnshire

The book contains 18 chapters, each covering a separate landscape feature, plus an introductory essay providing an overview of the subject. The text is augmented by 14 specially produced maps and is illustrated throughout by the author’s unique and inspiring photographs.

Lines Across Lincolnshire is available in local bookshops and visitor attractions and can also be ordered through the author’s website,

As with ‘The Lincolnshire Landscape’ before it, the author’s love of the county comes through on every page of this beautiful book. It is sure to be another firm favourite with Lincolnshire residents and visitors alike.
Sasha Drennan
Lindum Books

About the author

Jon Fox has lived almost all of his life in Lincolnshire and adjacent parts of Leicestershire and Cambridgeshire. He started school in Sleaford in 1968 before moving with his parents to Melton Mowbray. Jon’s love of nature and landscapes developed in his teens, exploring the countryside of rural Leicestershire and Rutland as well as nearby Kesteven. He also began photographing landscapes at this time, initially using an old Voigtlander camera.

After graduating in plant biology at Durham University in 1984, Jon worked in several places, moving from Peterborough to Lincoln in 1998, where he was employed by the City Council in environmental planning and design. In 2014, he set up Green Plover Books as a new publishing business focusing on local interest books.

Jon will be attending a number of book signing events and fairs this autumn in Lincoln and around the county. For details, see News & Events on Green Plover Books website