Wildlife Watch

Wildlife Watch: West Kesteven

Location: Twyford Wood, Colsterworth, Grantham, NG33 5JW
Join our West Kesteven Wildlife Watch group for a fungi foray at Twyford Woods!

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10:00 to 12:00
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About the event

Wildlife Watch is great for kids from around 6 to 14 years who want to find out more about wildlife and the natural environment. This month, our West Kesteven group will be going on a fungal foray at Twyford Woods. This old RAF airfield has tonnes of mushrooms and toadstools, come along and help us count them.

Meet at SK 947 239

Booking essential. Please contact either:

Marianne Overton
Tel: 01400 273323
Email: marianneoverton@biosearch.org.uk

Jean Martin
Tel: 01636 626176
Email: jcmartin0448@gmail.com

Jenny Giles
Email: jenny.tim@btinternet.com 

Brenda Mighell
Tel: 01526 321157  
Email: jonmile@care4free.net



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