My Wild Life - #NationalMarineWeek

My Wild Life - #NationalMarineWeek

Matt Slater

Tania Davey, Marine Planning Officer for The Wildlife Trusts, shares her favourite wildlife experience for National Marine Week.

One of my favourite things to do is to share the Lincolnshire coast with friends and family. My good friends who live in the North West are always blown away by the huge landscapes of Lincolnshire with being from the hilly parts of Lancashire. The first time we took them to the coast, they couldn’t believe what a beautiful hidden gem we have.


Canoeing with friends © Tania Davey

We’ve experienced so many lovely days with our families together at the beach - beachcombing and finding hundreds of tiny cowrie shells; forming a eight-person conga line while swimming in the sea; and finding peace on the waves using our friend’s canoe. However, one of my favourite experiences was on a cold and quite windy day at Gibraltar Point.

Mermaid's purse

Mermaid's purses © Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

My Mum and I had taken my 2 girls for a cuppa to the visitor centre and then decided to go for a walk along the strandline. 

My eldest daughter had spent months trying to find a mermaids purse (shark eggs) and this was the day she succeeded. 

I pointed down to a bunch of knotted up seaweed and my daughter started to scream!

My Mum thought that my daughter had hurt herself at first which was then followed by confusion when all she could shout was ‘mermaids purse, mermaids purse’! She explained her yearlong challenge to her Granny and later we identified the species and proudly reported our find to The Sharks Trust

Our next family challenge is to see how many harbour porpoise we can collectively spot along our coast... fingers crossed!