My Wild Life - #NationalMarineWeek

My Wild Life - #NationalMarineWeek

Head of Conservation, Tammy Smalley, tells us her favourite marine wildlife experience as part of National Marine Week.

Born and bred of the North Sea – is how I feel about myself having been born in Skegness, a Viking seaside town.

From my earliest memories to now the sea has significantly featured in my life. From Seathorne Primary School when Mr. Jackson would take us to the beach across the road at North Shore; to daybreak walks with my Grandma Suki on Saturday mornings down South Parade beach; to sea swims at Anderby Creek this very June just gone.

Boston Belle

Aboard the Boston Belle © Tammy Smalley

For me, the magic happens with seabirds either on the Boston Belle out on The Wash or a sunsetter at RSPB Frampton. My ultimate favourite moment though... was in the noughties, when I went to Gibraltar Point, wading through the water covering south marsh road to get to the dunes view point above the bird observatory.

There in time for the high tide to start to drop out. Over 100,000 waders following the tide back out to sea, passing overhead, so close you could feel the air move with their wingbeats, hairs heckling around your neck and the feeling of utter freedom whooshing through your soul. Nirvana found.

Gibraltar Point

Gibraltar Point © Gary Mantle