Creating a wildlife garden

Creating a wildlife garden

Adam Cormack

Volunteers are coming together to make a new wildlife garden at Whisby Nature Park, and I'll be blogging about our progress here.

In August 2018, a small band of volunteers (and Trixie the dog) started to revamp the Wildlife Garden at Whisby Nature Park.

This small space was rather overgrown with nettles and creeping thistles, the raised beds were rotten and rabbits and moles had started to take over and develop underground chambers, tunnels and colonies.

With a new wildlife garden, we hope to achieve: 

  • An inspirational garden that will show teachers and other visitors to the Education Centre that it is possible to create a wildlife garden in a small area
  • Lots of seating to allow people to enjoy the space
  • A calm place where people can enjoy the views to the lake, the sound of the breeze in the trees and listen to the birds and bees in the vicinity

The garden hopes to include:

  • Raised beds containing wild plants grown from locally sourced seed
  • A meadow area to encourage insects
  • A nettle patch to provide a habitat for butterflies
  • A bird feeding area
  • A range of nest boxes to showcase the range available
  • Willow and hazel weaving around the boundaries
  • Natural sculptures
  • Boundary fence painted black to showcase wild art


Check back on our blogs to see how we're getting on and for ideas to make your own garden for wildlife. If you'd like to get involved with some hands-on volunteering in the garden at Whisby, please contact