Message from our Chief Executive, Paul Learoyd

Message from our Chief Executive, Paul Learoyd

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A message to all our valued members and supporters from Paul Learoyd, Chief Executive Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust
Paul Learoyd LWT

This current, unprecedented time, is immensely difficult for everyone. Our whole lives have been turned on end and simple things we took for granted have had to stop. For me, it has also been one of the busiest and most challenging periods as Chief Executive of the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, and we have had some challenging times including the coastal flooding in 2013.

But what has made it easier, has the been reaction and support of everyone. You have risen to the challenges and continue to stand by the Trust when we need you most.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have had to adjust to working from home and become a dab hand at telephone and video meetings! The up side has been quieter roads and skies, except for birdsong. Going forward I wonder if this may become just one of the new ‘norms’ that may change how we work and interact going forward.

However, one thing that I know will stay the same is that nature will need us just as much as ever when all of this is over – the world still faces a climate and ecological crisis. thing that has shone through is the role that wildlife plays in all our lives.

We will still need our nature reserves – havens of biodiversity in a county that has seen huge losses of wildlife over the past decades. And our aspirations to create ‘living landscapes’ linking those reserves and restoring habitats will be as important as ever. Our seas will still need protecting and we will continue to need to fight inappropriate developments and push for the sustainable use of resources.

And one thing that has shone through recently is the role that wildlife plays in all our lives. How many of you have, like me, cherished the time outside, observing wildlife in the garden, looking for the first returning swallow or even just enjoying the warmth of the sun on your face? Nature is good for our health and wellbeing and this needs to be part of the solution to our modern, normally fast paced, way of life.

When all this is over, we will need your help and support more than ever to achieve our vision – ‘Lincolnshire and the neighbouring sea and estuaries to be rich in wildlife for the benefit of all’. For now though, stay safe and continue to enjoy nature close to home.

Best wishes
Paul Learoyd
Chief Executive
Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust