Wildlife Diary: Spring sunshine

Wildlife Diary: Spring sunshine

Noticing the wildlife around us makes the lockdown easier, especially when the sun is shining

The sunshine over the last week meant social distancing and restrictions on movement weren't a problem. In the garden, the tadpoles are developing well and insects are on the move - most too fast to photograph!

My daily exercise has taken me to Burton Coach Road, a green lane, as well as to West Common. I hadn't noticed the snails before!

Tadpoles (Caroline Steel)

Tadpoles developing in the garden pond

Seven-spot ladybird (Caroline Steel)

Seven-spot ladybird in the garden

Hibernating snails (Caroline Steel)

So many snails!

Horse chestnut leaves (Caroline Steel)

Young horse chestnut leaves are a wonderful colour

Sweet violet (Caroline Steel)

It seems to have been a good year for sweet violets