Wildlife Diary: A Day of Firsts

Wildlife Diary: A Day of Firsts

On the first day of lockdown to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, Caroline shares wildlife sightings from her garden in Lincoln

Day 1 of Lockdown and the sun shone, which eased the pain. 

I'm fortunate enough to have a garden: it will be my sanctuary for the duration. I have a new camera and the time to master it. There's the opportunity to learn birdsong: there are apps to help. There's the opportunity to learn about garden bumblebees.

But for today, a few photos of this years' 'firsts'. This is a wonderful time of year for seeing something new each day: today, my first butterflies, plum blossom, dandelion and evidence of breeding birds. It's a good activity to challenge bored children too!

comma butterfly (Caroline Steel)

One of two freshly emerged comma butterflies catching the rays.

Plum blossom (Caroline Steel)

The first plum blossom: hope it doesn't succumb to frost. The damsons have been out for a while.

Dandelion (Caroline Steel)

First dandelion (of many!). Great for insects.

Peacock butterfly (Caroline Steel)

A peacock butterfly, looking a bit tatty. Must have had a tough winter.

Broken egg shell (Caroline Steel)

I very much doubt that a chick hatched from this egg, but it shows birds are nesting already.