South East Lincolnshire Local Plan

In April 2012 comments were invited on a visioning exercise to help build the vision for the South East Lincolnshire Local Plan covering the Boston Borough and South Holland District Council areas. A vision sets out how the Local Plan area and the places within it should develop and to which all the policies and proposals of the Local Plan should be aimed. It was therefore important for the Trust to participate in the exercise to ensure that the natural environment is included in the Local Plan vision.

In June 2013 the Trust commented on the consultation on the Combined Preferred Options and Sustainability Appraisal Report for the South East Lincolnshire Local Plan and on the sustainability appraisal in June 2015. In January 2016 a consultation was launched on the draft Local Plan document (including site options for development). The Trust submitted comments on the draft policies and maps in February 2016.


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