Lincolnshire Lakes

Lincolnshire Lakes is a proposal for new villages in a waterside setting to the west of Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire. The project will provide up to 6,000 new homes. In April 2013 North Lincolnshire Council requested comments on the Lincolnshire Lakes Area Action Plan (AAP) options report which included four different village options. The Trust commented on the AAP options report in May 2013. An AAP submission draft was put out for consultation in December 2014 and which the Trust commented on. Following our comments on the submission draft and prior to the examiner’s hearings on the AAP, North Lincolnshire Council sought to establish a Statement of Common Ground with the Trust. This was signed in September 2015 and set out the main areas of agreement and/or disagreement. The independent examination into the soundness of the Lincolnshire Lakes Area Action Plan was conducted in October 2015 and a consultation on the main modifications was held in February 2016.

Four Lincolnshire Lakes planning applications were submitted in August 2013 including proposals for a total of 3,500 dwellings and a commercial park. The Trust responded to the applications in September 2013. In February 2015 an application was submitted for a new football stadium and training pitches. The Trust had concerns that this application did not provide the required levels of mitigation and enhancement for water voles which have been found to inhabit the area. A further application was submitted for an additional 2,500 dwellings within the Lincolnshire Lakes area, which the Trust commented on in July 2015.

In July 2015 the Trust was invited by North Lincolnshire Council to sit on the Blue and Green Infrastructure group for Lincolnshire Lakes. We aim to try to ensure that potential impacts on existing wildlife are minimised and that the development achieves the maximum biodiversity gains possible.




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