Take a Closer Look at Whisby Nature Park

Tuesday 29th July 2014

The newly constructed 'Take a Closer Look' building at WhisbyThe newly constructed 'Take a Closer Look' building at Whisby - Phil Porter

A brand new ‘Take a Closer Look’ building has been constructed at Whisby Nature Park.

The small wooden building has been designed to help visitors get a closer look at some of the wildlife that lives in the Nature Park.

It arose from the very successful ‘Take a Closer Look’ table. The Whisby Site Manager and two regular volunteer educators have set up tables at the entrance to the Nature Park on Sundays and invited visitors to engage in a themed display about a particular seasonal wildlife topic or a feature of particular note within the park. It has proved to be a great way to spread knowledge and enthusiasm about wildlife in general and the management of the site.

Examples of the topics covered are:

  • Pond life (with trays of live specimens)
  • Orchids and other wild flowers
  • Fruits and berries
  • Plant galls
  • Insect life (with specimens in a breeding cage)

The ‘Take a Closer Look’ building has been funded by WREN (a not for profit business that awards grants to community, environmental and heritage projects across the UK from funds donated by FCC Environment to the Landfill Communities Fund).


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