Celebrating Lincolnshire's wonderful plants!

Plants are really important. We eat them, build with them, wear clothes made from them and breathe the oxygen they create. Their value is incalculable.

Botany is the science of understanding plants, which is why we think #BotanyisAce. Plants can tell us so much about our history, environment, climate and medicine.

Thanks to funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust is leading on a project called #LoveLincsPlants.

Inspired by Sir Joseph Banks, an 18th Century Lincolnshire naturalist, who voyaged round the world with Captain Cook the project aims to:

  • Train people in the disappearing art of collecting, pressing, drying and mounting plant and flower specimens to scientific archive quality standards.
  • Create and preserve a present day collection of plants from all parts of Greater Lincolnshire, part of which will be stored in the Natural History Museum, British and Irish Herbarium with the rest being retained at the Sir Joseph Banks Centre in Horncastle.
  • Provide workshops for people to gain skills in botanical illustration and photography.
  • Deliver specialist plant identification workshops.
  • Inspire and train the botanists of the future through a specially designed Introduction to Botany training course for young people (18 -35).
  • Introduce children to the importance of plants in the modern world.

Look out for the inspiring programme of events around Lincolnshire over the coming years until Autumn 2020.

Please check our social media for news on the project. 

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Read more about the project:

Project report 1

Project Report: September - December 2017 PDF   

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