Wildlife Crime in Lincolnshire

The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust works very closely with the police on numerous wildlife issues. Wildlife-related law is a complex issue and the police have delegated officers to specialise in this area.

In a rural county the size of Lincolnshire with over 90 SSSI's and many rare and threatened species, wildlife crime is a serious issue that affects our nature reserves and all of us. But the legislation is very complex - there are over 150 Acts relating to wildlife.

Particular areas of concern locally are:

  • badger crime (including digging and lamping)
  • hare coursing
  • habitat damage (caused by quad-bikes and four-wheel drives for example)
  • bird persecution (shooting, illegal trapping and egg collecting)
  • bat crime

For further information about Wildlife Crime in Lincolnshire and contact details for Wildlife Crime Officers see the Lincolnshire Police website.


Reporting Wildlife Crime

Reporting wildlife crime, ensures incidents are formally logged on the police computer, enabling easier research of wildlife crime at a later date if it is required. There is no reason to approach individuals who are committing offences, observation from a distance is the best policy.

How to report wildlife crime in Lincolnshire:

  • Ring the police on 01522 532222
  • State you are reporting a crime
  • Give relevant details
  • Obtain an incident number
  • Ask to be updated with the results