Handley Chase Residential Development, Sleaford

Pre-application comments were invited from the Trust in April 2012 on a proposed residential development for up to 290 dwellings to the south of London Road in Sleaford, North Kesteven. In January 2013 the Trust responded to a scoping consultation for a much larger development of 1,600 dwellings called the Sleaford South Sustainable Urban Extension, covering the Handley Chase site and additional land to the south. A planning application was subsequently submitted for 1,450 dwellings which the Trust commented on in August 2013.

Further information was submitted in February 2014, however the Trust had no further comments to make in addition to those previously submitted. The application was approved in July 2015. An application to discharge conditions, including production of a Landscape and Ecology Management Statement was submitted in December 2015, again the Trust had no further comments to make in light of the relatively low levels of biodiversity enhancement put forward.


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