South Lincolnshire Fenlands

The Fens was once England's largest wetland. Of Lincolnshire's original 100,000 hectares of wild wet fenland, only 55 hectares now remain - a loss of over 99.99%.

This loss is responsible for the decline and extinction of much of the flora and fauna dependent upon these diverse wetland habitats.

The remaining fenland is concentrated in the Baston and Thurlby Fen Nature Reserves and Counter Drain Special Area of Conservation which are distinguished for their botanically rich and nationally important wetland plant communities.

Our vision is to create a new, large fenland landscape for people and wildlife in southern Lincolnshire - centred on the nationally important Baston and Thurlby Fens Nature Reserves & Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Please see the 360 image at the bottom of the page for a virtual tour of a fendland landscape in South Lincolnshire.

What's happening

Willow Tree Fen

Formerly arable land growing beans and cereals, Willow Tree Fen was purchased by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust in 2009.

The purchase and restoration of a traditional fenland landscape at Willow Tree Fen in South Holland is increasing Lincolnshire’s remaining fenland by 200%. Alongside the huge benefits for wildlife, Willow Tree Fen will provide access and activities that will encourage learning, exploration and discovery of the natural, cultural and historical features of this traditional landscape.

Willow Tree Fen Nature Reserve


South Lincolnshire Fenlands Partnership

The South Lincolnshire Fenlands Partnership is a group of public and voluntary sector organisations whose broad aim is to further the development of a partnership approach to landscape-scale fenland conservation in South Lincolnshire. It is seeking to restore up to 800 hectares of fenland to a variety of specifically targeted and threatened wet-fenland habitats which could play a significant role in the sustainable environmental and socio-economic development of this part of the Lincolnshire Fens.

South Lincolnshire Fenlands Project Vision is the creation of a new, large wetland for people and wildlife in southern Lincolnshire – centred on the nationally important Baston and Thurlby Fens Nature Reserve & Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

South Lincolnshire Fenlands






Fens for the Future

The South Lincolnshire Fenlands Partnership is part of the Fens for the Future regional partnership working to restore landscape-scale wetlands across the Fens National Character Area. This will achieve enhanced biodiversity outcomes and increased delivery of ecosystem services within the geographic area of the Inner Fens. This broad aim will be delivered by means of a long-term Strategic Plan which encompasses its vision, a major part of which is to develop and establish an enhanced and sustainable ecological network on Fenland. 

Fens for the Future