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Young Environmentalist

The Lincolnshire Young Environmentalist Award recognises the enthusiasm, hard work and commitment of young people.

The Young Environmentalist Award aims to foster children's sense of responsibility for their environment and reward schools, groups, clubs and individuals for the fantastic achievements that are being made.

If you’ve been involved with a project that has introduced positive changes that really make a difference, you should enter the awards. By doing so you may inspire others to follow in your footsteps.

Entries can be from projects that cover litter, waste and recycling, energy, transport or biodiversity. They may have just started or could have been running for some time. As long as it demonstrates a positive contribution to the environment.

Entries are welcome from:

  • Schools
  • Youth groups such as scouts and guides
  • Individuals (nominations are welcome)

In Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire and North-East Lincolnshire.

Fill in our online form to enter.

The winner will receive a cash prize of £250 and the runner up a cash prize of £150.

If you know anyone who deserves an award, please let us know.

To be eligible for the Young Environmentalist Award entrants must be aged under 13 years old. 


Words from our winning young environmentalists and their teachers

Osgodby Primary School"We've never been to anything like this before. We enjoyed listening to the other schools and got loads more ideas."
Pupil from Osgodby Primary School
Lincolnshire Young Environmentalist Award Winner 2015

"The Eco-Friendlies have shown their independence and are role models for perpetuating the need for saving. We are very proud of what they’ve done; it’s made a real difference to the school."
Theresa Ellerby, School Head, Lincolnshire Montessori, Caistor
Lincolnshire Young Environmentalist Award Winner 2013

“One of the best days of my life!”
Pupil from Lisle Marsden Primary School
Lincolnshire Young Environmentalist Award Winner 2010

“I’m delighted for the whole school community: past and present, children and staff. But the joy is knowing where we came from nine years ago as a failing school.”
Mike Schofield, Boston West Primary School
Lincolnshire Young Environmentalist Award Winner 2009

“We’re really happy with what we’ve done but this has made us more confident in what we’re doing and we will do more.”
Pupil from Isaac Newton Primary School
Lincolnshire Young Environmentalist Award Winner 2008

"It’s such a big achievement, we’re only a little club after school, we didn’t expect to come so far. It's amazing, we're going to go back to class and tell everyone.”
East Wold Church of England Primary School
Lincolnshire Young Environmentalist Award Winner 2007