2013 - Nettleham Woodland Trust

Tree planting with the Nettleham Woodland TrustTree planting with the Nettleham Woodland Trust

Overall Winner of the Lincolnshire Environmental Award 2013 and the Best Community Award: Nettleham Woodland Trust

The seed of the idea of the Nettleham Woodland Trust was a conversation between two neighbours over a garden fence. A simple discussion about wanting more trees in their local area has grown into one of the largest community tree planting initiatives in the county. Over 25,000 trees have been planted by the community for the community. Nettleham Woodland Trust was founded in 2006 and is run by local volunteers. Local families and schools have planted trees and shrubs to create new woodlands at the Lincolnshire Police Headquarters and near Dunholme with new woodlands: Monks Wood and, most recently, the Lincolnshire Co-op Wood. At all-abilities trail, willow tunnel and classroom area are also being developed. Monks Wood is well used by the local community, many of which walk or cycle to the wood.

Nettleham Woodland Trust committee member Rod Newborough said: "Being involved with the Nettleham Woodland Trust gives me more satisfaction than my years of working professionally in state and privately owned woodlands. Enjoying and watching the woodland we’ve created grow, and that will continue to grow for generations to come."

Best Farm/Rural Enterprise Award: J.E. Piccaver & Co (Gedney Marsh)

This family farm that borders The Wash is one of the largest producers of speciality lettuce in the UK. As well as remaining a competitive business they have created habitats for wildlife including reedbed, hedgerow and woodland planting. The impact on wildlife has been positive with number of yellowhammer and tree sparrow increasing, marsh harriers breeding, high numbers of hedgehogs and 30 owl boxes. A sustainable strategy for the use of water on the farm has also been developed which includes an innovative way of using seepage pits to harvest freshwater from the naturally salty groundwater thus reducing dependence on mains water.

Phillip Hubbert, Production Manager, passionately believes that "The need to deliver more food for a growing population does not require loss of our precious biodiversity."

Best Business Award supported by Anglian Water: The Farm Kitchen

Set up in 2006 on a family farm near Sleaford, the Farm Kitchen now supplies 3,500 freshly prepared meal to primary school children in Lincolnshire using locally sourced, organic ingredients. Schools are also encouraged to learn more about where their food comes from. Children can visit the farms that the vegetables are grown on, the butcher where the meat is supplied from and the kitchen to see where the meals are produced. Vegetables from school gardens are also bought, with payment in the form of vegetable seeds or garden vouchers, and used in the meals for those schools.

Runners Up: Drift Ashore, Grimsby and the Coastal Eco Centre, Seagull Recycling, Skegness 

Best Community Award supported by Centrica: Nettleham Woodland Trust

Runners Up: Len Pick Trust & Bourne United Charities and the Rotary Club of Market Rasen

Lincolnshire Young Environmentalist Award 2013 supported by FCC Environment: The Eco-Friendlies, Lincolnshire Montessori, Caistor

The five children that form the Eco-Friendlies have an Action Plan that addresses a wide range of environmental issues from encouraging energy saving and recycling to installing composters to use kitchen waste on their allotment and signing the school up to SelectLincolnshire to encourage the purchase of locally sourced produce for the school kitchen.

School Head, Theresa Ellerby, said: "The Eco-Friendlies have shown their independence and are role models for perpetuating the need for saving. We are very proud of what they’ve done; it’s made a real difference to the school."

Runners Up: Bourne Abbey Primary School, Burton Hathow Preparatory School and William Chico.