2006 - HMP Morton Hall

HMP Morton HallHMP Morton Hall

Overall winner of Lincolnshire Environmental Award 2006 and Business Award: HMP Morton Hall

HMP Morton Hall is a semi-open female prison near Swinderby, 70% of the prison population are foreign nationals many of whom are deported on release. A general “greening initiative” is evident throughout the premises including a waste management programme that has reduced the waste going to landfill by 50%; a biodiversity action plan and management plan for the area adjacent to the establishment; the use of used cooking oil to run a tractor and heat greenhouses; and an innovative new concept for composting all food waste including meat that is being trialled in conjunction with Brunel University. The staff see it as a way forward for the prisoners, providing them with skills and good habits that they can take back to their own countries. Training, such as an accredited qualification in recycling are also provided.

Cliff Sanderson, Head of Enterprise & Environment at HMP Morton Hall said: “We are very pleased to have won the award but more than that in meeting so many like-minded people. Now we know we aren’t alone.” Health & Safety Manager Samantha Boothman said: “The staff will be really pleased and the prisoners delighted to have won.”

Individual Winner: Roger Goy, Wildlife Helpline Service
Individual highly commended: Terry Wells, Clean Up After Your – Awareness Campaign

Agricultural Winner: Flintwood Farm, Belchford
Agricultural highly commended: Forum for Sustainable Farming

Community Group Winner: Friends of Mareham Pastures, Sleaford
Community highly commended: Grantham Rivercare Group

Business Winner: HMP Morton Hall
Business highly commended: ConocoPhillips Humber Refinery

Lincolnshire Young Environmentalist Award - aged 12 and under: East Wold Church of England Primary School

In the under 12 age category, the winners were East Wold Church of England Primary School for their work on the school wildlife area including successfully petitioning the school governors to keep the pond. The children were really surprised to have won. Their comments included: “Amazing, we’re going to go back to class and tell everyone.” “It’s such a big achievement, we’re only a little club after school, we didn’t expect to come so far.”

Highly commended:
Healing Primary School, Grimsby
Leys Farm Junior School, Scunthorpe

Lincolnshire Young Environmentalist Award - aged 13 – 18 years: Metheringham Guides

In the 13-18 age category the winning entry came from Metheringham Guides for their work on the local pond and recycling project. They too were amazed to have won and said: “none of us were expecting this, our friends will be impressed when we tell them.”

Highly commended:
The Priory School, Spalding, nature area and recycling programme
James Bellamy, work at Liquorice Park, Lincoln