2005 - Lincoln Castings

Overall winner of the Lincolnshire Environmental Awards 2005 and the Business Award - Lincoln Castings

Lincoln Castings is an iron foundry in North Hykeham that manufactures 40,000 tonnes of automotive castings annually. The casting furnaces rely on burning coke to melt iron but coke is a fossil fuel; a finite resource that has to be shipped in from as far away as China and that with carbon dioxide emissions contributes to global warming. But Lincoln Castings have hit upon a solution. 40 million waste tyres are generated in the UK annually and the company have developed a unique method of using these tyres to supplement coke in the foundry. The furnace is now operating with a mixture of 25% tyres and 75% coke, equating to more than one-third of a million waste tyres being controllably burned annually. The tyres are sourced within Lincolnshire and the sophisticated gas cleaning plant ensures that emissions to the atmosphere are unaffected.

Lincoln Castings pioneering project helps the environment on many levels: reducing the quantity of coke required, reducing the transport of coke, dealing with the problem of waste tyres, and the resulting cost savings help secure local jobs for the future.

Individual Winner: Bruce Leggott, former Chairman of Lincolnshire FWAG
Individual Runner-up: Roger Goy, Wildlife Helpline National Service.

Agricultural Winner: Nicholas Watts, Vine House Farm, Deeping St Nicholas
Agricultural Runner-up: D, M & A Green, Church Farm, Flixborough

Community Group Winner: Hill Holt Community Woodland
Community Group Runner-up: Bats on the Map Project, Lincolnshire Bat Group

Business Winner: Lincoln Castings
Business Runner-up: Search Architects, Long Sutton

Lincolnshire Young Environmentalist Award - Kirkby on Bain Primary School Nature Reserve

The children at Kirkby on Bain Primary School have created a school nature reserve including planting a fruit orchard to encourage more butterflies and bees, and to provide fruit for the children at break time; putting up bird boxes and the children had made a bird hide using woven willow. The judges were particularly impressed by the level of involvement of the children in the nature reserve and their understanding what they were doing and the reasons why.  

Second Place: 10th Scunthorpe Scouts adoption of Frodingham Local Nature Reserve.
Runners-up: Washingborough School Natural History Club;
Metheringham Rainbows, Brownies & Guides Newspaper Recycling; St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Brigg.