Save our vanishing grasslands

Grasslands are beautiful and valuable habitats that are an important part of our natural heritage. But our wildlife-rich grasslands are vanishing – and the wildlife that depends on them is under threat.

Cowslips at Robert's Field nature reserve (Barrie Wilkinson)

Wildlife-rich grasslands are under severe pressure from development, agricultural change, mismanagement and neglect. Their loss is bad news for us all. As well as their inherent wildlife value and beauty, these vibrant gems have other less obvious but important qualities. They store water, filter pollutants, help reduce soil erosion and are hotspots for pollinators. Beneath them are precious soils storing carbon and seedbanks of native plants.

Farming is key to sustaining what’s left of our wildlife-rich grasslands. The Government is currently making decisions on how it will implement the greening measures of the Common Agricultural Policy and how it will target grants to farmers in the future. We are calling on Ministers to take full account of the value of our remaining wildlife-rich grasslands and the threats they face as they make these decisions.

Click on the images below for more information about grasslands in Lincolnshire.

The Wildlife Trusts are asking Government to:

  1. Improve existing laws and policies and effectively enforce them.
  2. Support wildlife-rich grassland on farms.
  3. Award statutory protection to more grassland sites
  4. Set up a national grassland inventory
  5. Restore more wildlife-rich grassland

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  • Lapwing - Geoff Trinder
  • Heath's Meadow nature reserve - Barrie Wilkinson
  • Ploughed field
  • Claxby Roadside Nature Reserve - Helen Smith
  • Surveying a road verge - Elizabeth Biott
  • Red Hill nature reserve - Barrie Wilkinson
  • Wildflowers on a road verge