The Wild House of Sealfin protects Lincolnshire's coast and sea and is symbolised by the grey seal. Every year thousands of grey seals are born at Donna Nook, a Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust nature reserve on the coast. Seals are curious, playful creatures and are the source of many legends. In British and Norse mythology selkies were seal people who had the power to shapeshift from seals into people and walk on land!

Coast & Seas

The Lincolnshire coastline is one of the last great wilderness areas of Britain and contains many natural habitats such as saltmarsh, mudflats and sand dunes. In summer sea lavender covers the coastline in beautiful hues of lilac, blue and purple, while autumn heralds the arrival of millions of migrating birds. Further out to sea is the realm of ocean giants with whales, dolphins, harbour porpoises and seals.


Lincolnshire's coast is one of its most defining features. A number of key nature reserves at Donna Nook, Saltfleetby and Gibraltar Point offer sanctuary to a huge abundance of wildlife. However, the story isn't all good, our seas have been over-fished, our coastline is under threat from development and a build up of litter (particularly plastic) is killing wildlife. 

Sealfin Protectors

If you have been chosen to be a Sealfin Protector then your role is to raise awareness of our coasts and seas. Tell your friends and family about the wonderful wildlife of the coast and how it needs protecting from plastic and pollution! Follow the Gibraltar Point or Donna Nook Warden Facebook pages to support coastal conservation!

Click the icon to download your Sealfin badge! 

Learn about marine litter

Click here to visit our page about marine litter and the terrible toll it takes on wildlife.

Learn about coastal nature reserves

Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve is our flagship site.

Visit the Wild Coast

Visit our map to find other coastal reserves.

Learn about Living Seas

The Wildlife Trusts envisage that within Living Seas, marine wildlife thrives, from the depths of the ocean to the coastal shallows.


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