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Kirkby Moor

A remnant of the once extensive heathlands of the Woodhall district.

The reserve is the largest remnant of the once extensive heathlands of the Woodhall district. The sands and gravels here were deposited in delta conditions on the edge of the great Fenland Lake during the last Ice Age. As a result of leaching of mineral nutrients podsol soils have developed.

A large part of the reserve is dominated by heather, bracken and wavy hair-grass, together with moss and lichen communities. The southern part of the reserve is low lying and contains a lake originally made as a reservoir. There is oak, birch and pine woodland, and developing birch, hawthorn and sallow scrub with rowan and alder buckthorn. This diversity of habitat produces a wide range of plants and animals: 250 plant species have so far been recorded, together with 275 moths, 20 butterflies and 11 dragonflies. About 60 species of birds breed on the reserve in most years and over 100 species have so far been recorded.
The main aims of management are to: maintain the heathland and encourage more heather and wet heath conditions; reduce the area of bracken; control the spread of scrub onto the heath, while maintaining some developing scrub; and sustain the floristic diversity of some areas by regular mowing and by grazing with sheep.

The roadside gate may occasionally be locked ‘out of hours’ due to incidents of misuse. Pedestrian access available; please park carefully.


Nearest postcode: LN10 6YY

Please note - postcodes are for the nearest registered address as we are unable to get postcodes for nature reserves. Please use the maps provided here to locate the entrance to the reserve.

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Moor Lane, Kirkby-on-Bain
Woodhall Spa
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TF 225629
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Mar - Sep
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75.00 hectares

Please keep the gate closed at all times and keep to the waymarked route or other defined footpaths. Adders occur on the reserve.
Cars can be parked either on the road verge outside the reserve or in the car park at the end of the private road through the reserve, but the road is unsurfaced and needs care.
No dogs allowed
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Reserve manager
Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust
Tel: 01507 526667


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