2015 - Tata Steel, Scunthorpe

Tata Steel greening project - before and afterTata Steel greening project - before and after

Overall Winner of the Lincolnshire Environmental Award 2015 and Anglian Water Business Award: Tata Steel, Scunthorpe

Tata Steel’s Scunthorpe site falls within an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) because of elevated dust levels caused by wind blowing dust off the site. To alleviate this problem Tata Steel embarked on a project to create a green space with the objectives of mitigating wind speed (a major reason for dust dispersion), maintaining soil moisture levels (reducing the problem of dry soil erosion), improving soil stabilisation through tree roots and leaf decomposition and improving biodiversity through new vegetation.

Over 154,000 trees have now been planted in the area, while 4 miles of green embankment have been created with 7.5 acres of the project area seeded with wildflowers. The alternative to this was to cover the area in tarmac.

Creating a green space has not only benefited nature, it has made a more pleasant environment for people to work in and proved significantly cost effective compared to the alternative.

Phil Togwell, principal scientist at Environmental Technology, who led the Tata dust mitigation project, said “The ‘greening’ of the Tata Steel Scunthorpe site has been happening over the last decade through roadside grassing and landscape maintenance. This established maintenance helps to create a barrier and a dust collection area to reduce dust run off back onto the road surface, making the site cleaner. I am delighted that we have been recognised for our efforts and would like to thank everyone involved in the project.”

Lincoln Toyota Farm/Rural Enterprise Award: Morris Brothers, Sand Hill Grange, Epworth

Morris Brothers, Sand Hill Grange, Epworth - enhancement schemes have created a varied habitat for wildlife while still being able to run a profitable enterprise these include planting mixed hedging and 16 acres of woodland, creating ponds and developing a heathland.

Runners Up: J.L. Dodsworth & Co, Burgh le Marsh

Centrica Community Award: River Slea Clean Up Group, Sleaford

River Slea Clean up Group, Sleaford – founded in 2013, the first litter pick held by the group attracted over twenty very enthusiastic volunteers with immediate recognizable results on the amount of rubbish in the river and on its banks. The group became more formalised in 2014 with new litter picking equipment, insurances, safety equipment, first aid training, and with local town businesses helping with extra equipment, along with the donation of a boat the group moved on and scheduled successful clean-up events throughout 2014.

Runners Up: The John Harrison Foundation, Grimsby and The Coastal Eco Centre, Skegness

Anglian Water Business Award: Tata Steel, Scunthorpe

Runners Up: Elsham Golf Course and Greetham Holiday Retreat

FCC Environment Young Environmentalist Award: Osgodby Primary School

Osgodby Primary School, Market Rasen, joined the Lincolnshire SCoRE (Schools’ collaboration on Resource Efficiency) project when it was launched in the local area two years ago and won the area competition after saving the biggest percentage of electricity. The school has become noted for its energy efficiency and the children are enthusiastic promoters of energy saving measures.

Runners Up: Bourne Westfield Primary Academy, St. Gilbert of Sempringham Church of England Primary School, Lincoln Minster School Eco Club, and St Gilbert's Church of England Primary School