Resources for meadow creation and management

Please explore these links for info on meadow creation and management.

Create and maintain your own meadow

Download our Meadow Booklet for helpful advice on meadow creation and management: non-technical guidance including enhancing grassland or starting from scratch; selecting seed and plants, planning your management (when and how to cut); tools and machines for the job; sources of further information.  

Meadow calendar

Meadow Management Calendar: showing when to seed, plant and cut.


Further information

Floral local: advice on buying sustainably sourced seed and plug plants of local and UK provenance.


Magnificent Meadows: further information on assessing your site and creating and managing meadows.



Grazing Animals Project: information on grazing with livestock.



Wildflower ID guides

These free wildflower Identification Guides were designed and produced by the 'Life on the Verge' projects that ran from 2009-17.  Each guide was used by volunteers to identify significant wildflowers which indicate grassland of god quality in the East Midlands.  These are available here to help you to assess the quality of your grassland before you consider restoration and/or to monitor your progress as you enhance your local habitat.

Technical information notes

The following Technical Information Notes (TINs) were designed to support the former UK Government Environmental Stewardship agri-environment scheme. Click here for the latest information on government administered rural grants and payments.