Wildlife of the airfield

Woodhall Spa Airfield is a landscape of sandy soils with acid grassland, heathland with some marsh areas and open water. As a nature reserve it will become a haven for wildlife as well as a place where visitors can share in the unique and peaceful atmosphere of this former airfield.

Woodlark, skylark and meadow pipit have already expanded their range from the neighbouring nature reserves. Grey partridge, lapwing, turtle dove, cuckoo, song thrush, starling, tree sparrow, linnet and yellowhammer have bred annually in recent years. The open extensive hunting grounds have attracted hobby, kestrel, buzzard and barn owl to breed in the area.

The population of brown hare is increasing. Other mammals recorded include water vole, otter, brown long-eared, common and soprano pipistrelle and noctule bats.

Adder, grass snake, common lizard, slow worm, common frog, common toad and smooth newt have all now been recorded from the land already restored by the Trust adjacent to Kirkby Moor.

The small heath is one of many insects finding the nectar-rich new grasslands to their liking. 


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