• Four sperm whales stranded on Lincolnshire beaches

    Monday 25th January, 2016

    Sperm whale

    Four sperm whales have been found dead on Lincolnshire beaches on Saturday, Sunday and Monday (23-25 January 2016).

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  • Second wave of marine protection for our seas

    Monday 18th January, 2016

    Butterfish and hornwrack photographed off the Lincolnshire coast

    23 new Marine Conservation Zones announced by the Government

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  • A new Charter for Trees, Woods and People, 800 years after the original Charter of the Forest

    Thursday 14th January, 2016

    Its time for us to stick up for trees! Our woodlands face unprecedented pressures from disease, development and climate change. Trees are hugely important for our society and provide a haven for wildlife. We need to act now before trees disappear from our story.

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  • Prophet and Loss explores Charles Rothschild’s vision for nature 100 years on

    Tuesday 29th December, 2015

    Prophet and Loss book cover

    New e-book celebrates the wild legacy left by the founder of UK nature conservation

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  • Tony Juniper becomes President of The Wildlife Trusts

    Wednesday 23rd December, 2015

    Tony Juniper

    Tony Juniper - campaigner, writer and well-known environmentalist – has been appointed President of The Wildlife Trusts.

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  • Storm surge second anniversary – the coastal nature reserves and their recovery

    Thursday 3rd December, 2015

    Flood waters at Gibraltar Point

    The storm surge on 5 December 2013 dramatically illustrated the dynamic nature of our coastal landscape. Coastal nature reserves are, by their very nature, environments that change as tides and winds deposit or erode sand, shingle and rock. These changes make them the most natural and fascinating of the county’s habitats.

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  • Adventurous artist wanted for Undersea Art Award

    Monday 23rd November, 2015

    Chris Rose with a lions mane jellyfish

    The search is on for an intrepid artist who would like to take the plunge and seek inspiration beneath the waves.

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  • New report highlights contribution of nature tourism to the economy of Greater Lincolnshire

    Friday 13th November, 2015

    The Bain valley

    New figures have revealed that nature tourism is worth £58million a year to the economy of Greater Lincolnshire.

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  • Nature Tourism Public Consultation Events

    Friday 6th November, 2015

    Chapel Point

    You are invited to come along to our local public consultations to discuss how your business or community organisation can benefit from the expanding nature tourism in the area, extending your tourist seasons and creating new patterns of demand for tourists, as well as local opportunities.

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  • Why are modern children disconnected from nature?

    Wednesday 4th November, 2015

    Children are happier, healthier and more creative when they are connected to nature. We want every child to have the opportunity to have wild experiences and learn about nature.

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