We Won! Thank you for voting for Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

Thursday 3rd September 2015

We are proud to announce that Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust has won the Nationwide 'Big Local' vote for August and will now receive a donation of £5000.

The Big Local is a project organised by the Nationwide Building Society. People can vote for one of three charities in a particular region to win a donation of £5000 from Nationwide. In August the Big Local was in the East Midlands and Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust was selected as one of the charities.

Over the course of the month people from across the county and beyond voted for the Trust and two other charities and when the votes were counted Nationwide announced that Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust was the winner. 

Thank you to everyone who voted for us!

The huge public support that the Trust has received in this vote has inspired our staff and volunteers! Knowing that so many people believe so strongly in our work to protect Lincolnshire's wildlife is a huge boost to morale.

Public support has always been crucial to our work. Nature reserves, which provide incredibly valuable habitats to so many creatures, are in the vanguard of our efforts but so is education and communication as we seek to help people understand how important nature is to our health and well-being as a society. 

Thank you for supporting nature conservation in Lincolnshire!