Little terns

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust is a partner in a major new five-year partnership including the RSPB, Natural England and the National Trust which has been established to help little terns adapt to climate change and secure their future in the UK. This partnership, supported by the EU LIFE + programme will lay the foundations for the long-term recovery of the little tern in the UK by protecting and creating nest sites and increasing public awareness and support.

Historically there were at least seven or eight sites along the Lincolnshire coast where little terns nested including Donna Nook National Nature Reserve. Now just one remains: Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve.

Little terns were first recorded at Gibraltar Point in 1915, but they were probably breeding there long before. They nest on the beach where they are very vulnerable to predation and to disturbance by people. In 1976, a Shorebird Sanctuary area was set up to protect the little terns. This sanctuary area still protects the birds.

Read the press release to find out more about the Little Tern project


Volunteer Shorebird Wardens are needed to staff the sanctuary area and provide information about little terns and other nesting birds to visitors on the beach. 

For more information please contact Dave Miller, Coast and The Wash Warden or tel: 01754 898079


If you see little terns on the Lincolnshire coast, please let us know by filling in the form below.

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Little tern Sandwich tern Arctic tern Common tern
Little tern Sandwich tern Arctic tern Common tern


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